Outdoor Drawing and Painting

Wednesday August 18

1:00 PM  –  4:00 PM

The outdoor drawing and painting class will give each student an opportunity to experience the outdoors while learning and using their medium of choice. This class will focus on rendering plants, trees, flowers, water, buildings, people and more. The instructor will work with each student in learning how to draw outdoor scenes  while using their favorite medium. Prior to the start of the class, each student will receive and email with a map and easy to find location for the subjects  each class will be focusing on. 

Wednesdays, August 18 - September 8
1 - 4 pm

Instructor: Jerry Stinson
Ages: Adult (18+) | All Levels

Supply list: The following are suggested basic supplies - all media are welcome, so please bring whatever supplies you need for whichever media you are using.

  • Drawing board – 20”x 26” or larger (light-weight masonite works best), Newsprint pad – 18”x 24” – rough surface recommended, Bull dog clamps or similar to attach pad to board.

Medium and Support Items:

  • Vine charcoal, thin and fat pieces, Choice of conte crayon, 6B graphite pencil or sticks, china marker, compressed charcoal, carbon pencils, or any suitable medium for drawing on newsprint, Large kneaded eraser, Pink pearl eraser, Portable pencil sharpener or utility knife (best for soft/medium pencils), Clean small rags, Sandpaper pad for sharpening drawing mediums, Stumps for blending (optional).