Color Theory and Mixing Pigments in Watercolor

This event is no longer on sale.

Tuesday October 15

5:00 PM  –  9:00 PM

Translucence is at the heart of watercolor painting. Learn to chart and mix your colors to keep the beautiful luminosity of the medium. This class includes color charting both wet and dry, mixing triads for unusual color, and learning to combine warm and cool hues. An excellent class for both the beginner and advanced student.

Tuesday, October 15
5 pm
- 9 pm

Instructor: Iva Neveux
Ages: 15 and Up / All Levels

Supply List:

•    Your personal watercolor pallet
•    If you are a beginner getting ready to purchase your first watercolor paints:
•    2 sheets 11 x 15 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper (paper can be purchased from the instructor during class for $2 a sheet)
•    Roll of paper towels
•    Drawing pencil (mechanical pencil works the best)
•    Kneaded eraser
•    2 Plastic water containers
•    1/4 or 1/2 inch flat brush (Silver/Black Velvet brush recommended - available at Nevada Fine Arts,,