Advanced Paper Marbling on Metallic Paint and Overmarbling

Thursday September 23

10:00 AM  –  5:00 PM

In this Advanced class Pietro will teach more complex patterns, over marbling and the use of metallic paint. In the world of Paper Marbling, metallic is a rarity due to the weight of the paint; it must float on the surface of the water bath. The use of rakes and combs is also tricky as one must carefully manipulate the movements of these paints in order to achieve the desired effects.

During the morning session the focus will be on how to handle these paints, and Pietro will introduce new and more intricate patterns. The class will also explore the exciting and unchartered territory of “Over-marbling”, where one pattern is superimposed upon another to create a magnificent and complex play of pattern. The shining hues of copper, silver, bronze, gold and pearl will transform a sheet of paper into an iridescent wonder. The afternoon session is dedicated to personal practice with on hand guidance from Pietro.

Thursday, September 23
10 am - 5 pm

Instructor: Pietro Accardi
Ages: Adult (15+) | All levels